Discovering Lipari in 3 steps

Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands and represents the perfect starting point for your journey through the beauties of the archipelago. Indeed Lipari  suits any season, mood or passion. Definitely it’s the right place for those who love unwinding with long strolls. Or exploring the sea with scuba diving lessons and daily snorkelling. Moreover you can take it all with boat excursions with typical “gozzos”, with the waves cradling you gently. Without a doubt it’s the best way to enjoy the islands.

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Getting lost around Lipari’s citadel

The old town of Lipari hides surprises in every corner. Not only the blossoming narrow alleys but also the scents and flavours of daily island life. Indeed Lipari will charm you from the very first second. So get lost in the typical “vicoli“! The small alleys around the old town and castle. Therefore let your senses free. Breathe the perfume of homemade tomato sauce. Or the freshly washed bed linens hanging from the balconies of the old ladies. Also the jasmine bushes or the basil plants. Surely you can taste some real Italian life in the old town of Lipari. Head up to the Castle and feel the richness of this historical monuments. Or look for a nice pastry shop to try delicious cannoli and malvasia! So, if you have just arrived in Lipari and are thrilling to explore the local life, just start walking towards Marina Corta

Discover Lipari

A sunset is forever

Looking for a breathtaking sunset to share with the people you love? Then bring something fresh to drink because we will tell you some goods spots to enjoy it. Definitely Lipari is the island of the thousand sunsets, every day different than the previous. Absolutely charming when the sun hides at the horizon between Alicudi and Filicudi. And the sky becomes red with endless shades. Surely you might think for a second that it’s the start of a new day. But it’s the sun who simply says goodbye with its last breath before setting the scene for a silent moon.Without a doubt amongst the best panoramic spots to capture all the beauty of dusk, we suggest the Geophysical Observatory with a terrace overlooking Vulcano, Belvedere of Quattrocchi or the incredible Sanctuary of Chiesa Vecchia. Surely you won’t regret it.

Discover Lipari

Boat tour anyone?

In all honesty the Aeolian islands are incredibly beautiful from the land. But nothing can compare to the view of its coasts. And with a boat trip you are able to discover hidden corners wave after wave. In fact Lipari alternates bursting vegetation to sharp vivid rocks and lava layers. Certainly from this perspective you can see all of the geological evolutions of this volcanic island. And yet we haven’t even mentioned the breathtaking seabeds. The crystal clear water reflecting like a mirror. Or the diversity of fish. And the almost gloomy suggestions of the deepest blue.  You can opt for the wild couple Alicudi – Filicudi. Or pick the unbeatable Stromboli. Not to mention the charming coastlines of Salina and Vulcano. Definitely every sailor will find its island sailing the Aeolian waves. If you’d like to discover more, read our article on the daily boat excursions from Lipari.

Discover Lipari