Escursioni giornaliere tra le isole Eolie

Le Isole Eolie rappresentano un meraviglioso arcipelago fatto di vulcani, mare blu e natura incontaminata. Uno dei modi migliori per approfittare delle sue bellezze è sicuramente con una gita in barca in partenza dalla bellissima Marina Corta.

#Panarea & Stromboli

Gite giornaliere per Stromboli includono sempre una sosta a Panarea. La barca lascia Marina Corta tra le 12.00 e le 14.00 (in base a compagnia e periodo dell’anno), poi ci si ferma un’oretta a Panarea, giusto il tempo di un caffè o di una passeggiata, prima di riprendere la marcia verso Stromboli.

Già da lontano si intravede l’imponente montagna che si erige dal mare e lo sguardo del navigatore si alza con timore reverenziale verso la sommità del cratere. Per ammirare al meglio la magia di “Iddu”, bisogna aspettare il tramonto dalla Sciara del Fuoco, punto panoramico da cui si possono ammirare le esplosioni del vulcano.

#Alicudi & Filicudi

The wildest and most primitive islands of the archipelago, unmissable for those seeking real off the beaten tracks. Twin sisters in soul, these islands can be considered one of the last places where the balance between man and nature appears frozen in time. To inhale all the the beauty which overwhelms this lost land we recommend to walk as much as you can, so bring your gym shoes this time! Typical white Eolian houses, white cubes with large terraces decorated with columns (called pulere) facing south-east, olive trees, capers, children’s laughter, boats, pulled dry on a strip of pebble beach, the scent of heather and lavender in the sun. These are the images that capture the eye as soon as you reach these islands.
The best way to enjoy Alicudi and Filicudi is definitely via boat trip. Excursions depart from Marina Corta around 9.30 am and return back at the port around 6.00 pm. Always have a look at the weather forecast, because in case of Maestrale or Scirocco wind it will be impossible to sail.


Salina is famous for being the “green island” and its luxuriant naturalistic landscape fully proves this point. The uncontaminated spaces make the area an ideal place for the life of animals and plants: wild rabbits, dormice, small reptiles and lizards inhabit the green land spaces.
To visit Salina you have two options: take a Liberty Lines hydrofoil or enjoy a boat excursion from Lipari. In the first case you will be able to choose independently what you want to see but won’t enjoy the incredible views you have with the boat excursions. If you have time, do both! One day enjoy the towns, book a wine tasting tour, take a coffee in the charming Malfa and come back at sunset with one of the last ferries. The other day, choose the boat excursions departing at 10 am from Marina Corta. After a stop close to the Pumice Mines in Porticello, the boat sails towards Pollara, where you can swim in an incredible place, setting of Troisi’s “Il Postino”. After a stop at Lingua, for a granita at Alfredo’s, the boat will sail back towards Lipari passing from the other coast so you will also be able to make a complete boat tour of Lipari too! At 5 pm you will be back in Marina Corta getting ready for a glass of wine on Villa Sea Rose’s Rooftop Lounge.


Considered the ancient seat of the god Vulcan, from which it took its name, the island is part of a massive volcanic apparatus that extends mostly under the sea: the emerged part is the oldest, apparently formed over 100,000 years ago. The black, yellow and red of the volcanic rocks, in contrast with the green of the surrounding vegetation and the classic smell of sulfur, contribute to giving this island a veil of mystery, encouraging the visitor to venture to its discovery.
You can opt for both boat excursions and hydrofoils but what you shouldn’t miss is climbing the crater. It’s a gradual one hour walk up to the top, where you can look into the crater and believe to find yourself on another planet, made of barren rock and smoking fumaroles. And in front of you the beauty of the other six Aeolian Islands. Another option is strolling over to the mud baths (the famous Fanghi di Vulcano) with therapeutic properties and immerse yourself head-to-toe in this stinky yet healing mud pool. Once you have ticked the mud baths from your list, head to Sabbie Nere, the nearby black sandy beach. As for Salina, daily boat excursions depart at 10 am from Marina Corta and return at 5pm, just in time to have a last swim down at the beach close to Villa Sea Rose.