Sea Rose Resort - Via Maddalena 90 - 98055 Lipari - Isole Eolie - Italy

How to get to Lipari

The magic of the Aeolian Islands

Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian Islands, is a mixture of sea, nature and good food. Here nothing is missing and any dream can become true. If you circumnavigate its coasts, the landscape keeps transforming itself: from the wild coast, to the urbanised towns with its white pure houses; from the rocky coast with green shades to the white pumice mountains, which blends with the incredible deep blue sea..

On the island of Lipari,  beautiful pearl of the Mediterranean, you will find our holiday resort: Villa Searose.

Villa Sea Rose Lipari

Villa Searose is located in that part of the island where everything is very close –the bathing beach Portinente, the historical and touristic centre with all its comforts (restaurants, banks, post office, pubs, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.), and  the port and main bus stations are all within easy walking distance.

Our guests are those who love authentic places, often preferring the quiet and welcoming hospitality of a typical Aeolian house to a hotel, with its limits and restrictions. All apartments have a door leading onto a characteristic terrace, which is an ideal spot to enjoy the sun, relax and dine in a wonderful surrounding and absolute tranquillity.

The villa is surrounded by a flourishing garden with typical Mediterranean plants, such as scented citrus trees, prickly pear trees, caper shrubs and small oleander trees, which embellish the picturesque landscape and invite you to take a stroll in the fresh Italian air.

In search of unique experiences..

A holiday in Lipari is not restricted to the beauties offered by the sea. As part of one of the most culinary rich regions in Italy, it’s also synonymous for gastronomic delights and quality food.

As your eyes wander over the menu you realize that a culinary journey awaits you – during your stay you can try the flavours of the region, from fish specialties to traditional recipes, all served “alla liparota” .

While you’re here, don’t forget to have a glass or two of Malvasia, the typical Aeolian house wine, and toast to a wonderfully relaxing holiday.


  • From Milazzo and from Napoli: Navi e Aliscafi SIREMAR - call center: +39 081 4972999 / +39 091 7493315 -
  • From Milazzo: Navi N.G.I. – call center: +39 800 25 0000 –
  • From Messina, Milazzo and Palermo: Navi USTICA LINES – call center: +39 0923 873813 –




  • Aeroporto Catania - Milazzo: Giunta Bus - call center: +39 090 673782 -
  • Messina - Milazzo: Giunta Bus - call center: +39 090 673782 -
  • Catania - Messina: Autolinee Sais - call center: +39 800211020 -
  • Aeroporto Catania - Milazzo Porto: call center: +39 090 9288585 / +39 090 9286986
  • Aeroporto Reggio Calabria - Messina: Autolinee Federico - call center: +39 0965 644747 -
  • Milazzo Stazione - Milazzo Porto: Autobus Linea Urbana ATS - call center: +39 840000323 (dalle 6 alle 20 ogni 15 minuti)
  • Aeroporto Palermo - Palermo Porto: Società Prestia & Comandè - call center: +39 091 586351/580457 -



  • Radio Taxi Catania: call center: +39 095 330966
  • Taxi Maisano - Milazzo: call center: +39 090 9282804 / +39 347 1893440
  • Punto Taxi - Reggio Calabria: call center: +39 0965 27550
  • Radio Taxi Messina: call center: +39 090 6505111
  • Cooperativa Autoradio Taxi - Palermo: call center: +39 091 513311 / +39 091 512727
  • Radio Taxi Napoli: call center: +39 081 444444