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Aeolian Delicacies

Once someone said “Take away everything but not the taste of good food” and we do not feel like contradicting this honest statement. And in this, Sicilian cuisine shows in all respects the concept of good food, understood as natural and nutritious. Yes because this land is lucky enough to be pampered by 3 volcanoes, which create a unique microclimate for agricultural production. And from the moment you taste it, a tomato will never be just a tomato anymore. Even to the Aeolian Islands this principle is not betrayed and for this reason we are lucky to have unique and particular products. Our little path contains three tips that you should not miss during your vacation in Lipari.

#1 Malvasia and Passito

In addition to the more typical Sicilian limoncello, if you are on holiday in Lipari you can’t finish a meal without the most sublime malvasia liquor. A vine used to produce wine as well as to indulge in liqueurs and spirits, suitable for both dinner or as a special treat, the Malvasia delle Lipari is a DOC (controlled origin) wine whose production is allowed only in our archipelago.

Its most precious form, the passito, takes on a more amber color, with an intense flavour and a certain density on the palate. The perfect combination for malvasia is with cannolo, and in Lipari there are a couple of incredible pastry shops.

#2 Capers and Cucunci

Capers and cucunci come from the same beautiful plant. The difference is pretty easy: capers are the flowers not yet blossomed, that is the initial bud; when the flower opens, from the central pistil emerge the fruits, that is the cucuncio!

Both capers and cucunci need a hard hand harvest then are normally stored in salt so better watch out and wash them well before cooking or you will end up with a salty meal. In Salina, the island where we have the largest cultivations, there are 2 different qualities: nocellaro and nocella: both remain a little hard also after the salt, strictly sea salt.

#3 Veggies and fish for any taste

The lucky side of renting an apartment in Villa Sea Rose is that you have a kitchen all for yourself! There are many small shops selling local products such as capers, dried tomatoes, limoncello, Vulcano goat cheese, almonds. And not to mention fish: during low season you can drop by at the port between 9 and 11 am and you can find good and cheap fish directly from the boats! You can even find shrimps, octopus or squid! During high season, on the main road there are many small sellers so just let go to this new cooking adventure, you are going to enjoy it! This is definitely an alternative food experience which you shouldn’t miss during your time in Lipari. And if you need any advice, our home chef Armando will know how to help you!